Environment Induced Insomnia

Get your bedroom in order;

Getting to sleep and staying asleep has just as much to do with your mental state as it does the physical aspects of your routine and what you put into your body.

Your bedroom is your sleeping sanctuary. It's your "safe place' so to speak. That being said set it up and treat is as such. Your bedroom needs to have its own natural effect on your mind and body. In order to train your body and mind to do so, a transition needs to be made to establish a mental link between the bedroom and sleep. Your bedroom is for sleeping and intimacy only. Your efforts should be directed toward eliminating any extracurricular activities in your soon to be sleeping sanctuary. Although convenient and tempting at times, avoid using your bedroom as a movie theatre, office, court room, buffet, gym, disco or dance hall. Letís explore some key enhancements that can start transforming your sleep sanctuary right away.

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