Stimulant Induced Insomnia

The chemistry of your body, specifically the part that regulates your natural sleep and wake cycles is a complicated one and branches out in many different directions.

Insomnia as we know can be the result of stress and environment, but our diet also plays a big part in this. After all, everything our bodies need to produce its hormones and balance it's self out have to come from what we choose to put in our mouths. Even the smallest of an imbalance can steer you down that sleepless troublesome road, but others are not so hidden once you've learned to recognize them. Learning to deal with stress can be a challenge, but some things can be avoided and when dealt with can have an almost immediate effect.

Some of our progress towards a good night's sleep can be hard earned and sometimes slow. I'm talking about stimulants. Avoiding some types of stimulants are the equivalent to the light switch so to speak that we've been looking for that solves some our problems quickly.

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