Stress Induced Insomnia

Stress is a mental state or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances or events. Stress itself has been debated for a long time between scientists and doctors, as it can lack some of the tangible signs or characteristics normally associated with conditions of the body and mind.

It's believed that stress can manifest its self, resulting in more stress or a continued cycle of stress that no longer is related to the initial cause. It's not just a mental state of being; it's one that affects us physically as well. When the body or mind becomes stressed, it reacts by releasing chemicals into the blood stream. Energy and heightened sense awareness can result from these chemicals being introduced into the body.

Some forms of stress can be found on the other end of the spectrum in the form of fatigue and a lack of rest and relaxation. Although the physical fatigue can be healthy for a good night’s rest, it can be accompanied by the mental side of things. It's common for someone who suffers from insomnia to be tired, yet unable to get to sleep.

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